Friday, April 30, 2004

LDYS Bloggers

Spent this evening wondering how many LDYS members have a blog. So I started by taking a look at the Executive. Vice-Chair Campaigns Simon Wright and Vice-Chair Finance Will Howells plus General Executive Members Jade Farrington, Thomas Paul, Vivienne Raper and Gez Smith all have blogs.

Simon's blog is usually about things happening in the Ward he represents and North Norfolk .

Will, Jade , Tom and Gez post their opinions on politics and current affairs. Vivienne and Gez have not posted anything for ages but I hope that changes soon because the first blog I ever read was Vivienne's and it was great. I hope it returns soon.

James Graham is the Organisational Vice Chair of the Green Liberal Democrats and a member of the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrats. James also occasionally updates Land Notes and it is James who is responsible for International Liberal Democrat Meetup Day.

Mark Ramsden who is Chair of West Midlands Liberal Democrat Youth and Students also has a brilliant blog. Mark like myself is in his second year of A-levels and intends to start a degree in Politics later this year.

Martyn Hencher who is Treasurer and Webmaster of West Midlands Liberal Democrat Youth and Students also has a great blog. Martyn is in the third year of a German and History degree at the Universities of Sheffield and Frankfurt.

Edis Bevan, James Blanchard and Sara Grey all have good blogs.

Including myself that makes thirteen LDYS bloggers but I am sure there are many more. There are certainly many more LibDem bloggers.

You may have noticed that I have learnt to add links in my blog so I am making the most of them sooner or later I am going to do a blog in which all the words will be links.


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