Saturday, September 25, 2004

Liberal Democrats Federal Conference
Here is a quick round up of my first conference
Best bit:
Apart from Chairing an Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP.

Worst bit:
Having to stand up during Liberal Future / Policy Exchange / Lib Dems need is more discipline and less diversity.

Overall opinion and description:
The constant references to the Orange Book pissed me off as did all those people handing out leaflets. I thought conference went on a little too long. Apart from that I enjoyed conference.

Best Stall:
The British Heart Foundation stall was fantastic you could find out what your height and weight and using this calculated whether you were overweight, obese etc.

Best Freebie:
At the Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation stall they handed out a measuring tape for measuring your waist which tells you the level of health risk.

Best Fringe:
Britain’s Future in Europe sponsored by New Politics Network, Euroandits in association with Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP with Michael White (Guardian) as the anchor man.
The best thing about this Fringe was that I got the opportunity to ask Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP a question.

Growing Up in Today’s World chaired by myself with a panel of Jenny Tonge MP, Matthew Jackson (Y Care International), Councillor Patrick Murray (The Liberal Democrats Peace Group) and LDYS)

Hero of Conference:
Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP for a fantastic fringe event on Sunday evening, brilliant speech on Monday and for donating a fiver to the LDYS NUS campaign.

On a personal note I must say a huge thanks to Martyn Hencher and Simon Drage for their fantastic efforts in selling more then 400 raffle tickets for the LDYS NUS campaign.


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