Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Targeting the voters

After reading Hughes: fairness is our winning card and Labour aims at Lib Dems as Hain reveals strategy switch I have come to the conclusion that that the Labour vote is the vote to target at the moment because if any Tory voters were to switch they would have done so already. So with the government’s position and poor performance it’s the Labour vote that the Liberal Democrats need to target. However we need to keep those who switched from the Tories and convince those who vote for the loony left that if they continue to vote them they are wasting their vote and that if they vote us working class people benefit.

So overall with the loony left and Labour we need to target the left not the right. The Tory vote has already been squeezed so people who currently vote Tory will always vote Tory.

Hope this makes sense then again I am typing it fairly early in the morning


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