Saturday, January 29, 2005

Brown in 100% debt relief pledge

Just read Brown in 100% debt relief pledge on BBC News website and I have to say some of the content was very pleasing. I welcome the Chancellors remarks that he hoped to persuade his G7 colleagues to commit to the goal by the end of the year.

However debt relief is not the only action needed in the attempt to make poverty history and helping developing countries improve the lives of their citizens. We need an improvement in the trade rules governing international trade and Mr Brown and Tony Blair find themselves in great position to do this. A close friend of theirs by the name of Peter Mandelson is the Trade Commissioner of the European Commission who is forcing unfair trade rules on developing countries.

I hope that during the UK presidency of the European Union Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and other members of the UK government will be doing their best to get Peter Mandelson and the European Commission to relax some of their unfair rules against developing nations.


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