Thursday, April 14, 2005

NUS NEC elections
All the results from the NUS NEC elections that took place at national conference last week are now in. As we found out last the results for the fulltime posts were:
President - Kat Fletcher (IND)
Nat Sec - Gemma Tumelty (OI)
Nat Treasurer - Joe Rukin (IND)
VP Education - Julian Nicholds (OI)
VP Welfare - Veronica King (IND/OI)
VP FE - Ellie Russel (IND)
The count for the Block of 12 was held today and those elected are:
Wes Streeting (NOLS)
Peter Leary (SBL)
Jess Kosmin (UJS)
Flick Cox (OI)
Judith Niven (NOLS)
Will Page (IND)
Derfel Owen (IND)
Stephen Brown (OI)
Jamal El-Shayal (FOSIS)
Susie Wylie (SWSS)
Danial Randal (AWL)
Dan Chilcott (IND)
So I got two wrong I didn’t expect Susie Wylie and Danial Randal getting elected but I got ten right, which is not bad. Congratulations one and all. I hope that the future of NUS is safe with you at the top of the organisation.
Other who have already been elected include:
Womens Officer - Jo Salmon (IND)
SWD Officer- Sian Davies (IND)
NUS Scotland - Mel Ward (NOLS)
NUS Wales - James Knight (NOLS)
Those still to be elected are:
Black Students Officer
International Students Officer
LGBT Officers


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