Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Using the Friends of the Earth The Big Ask website I have just sent Khalid Mahmood MP my local MP the following letter.

Dear Mr Khalid Mahmood MP,

All major political parties have recognised the importance of tackling climate change, which the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser said is the greatest threat the planet faces.

Yet despite this, carbon dioxide emissions have risen recently just when they need to be cut. Although all major political parties support long term targets for cutting carbon dioxide which scientists say we must meet to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, I am worried that without more regular milestones and much more detailed reporting and scrutinising of progress, we will drift further and further from these targets.

I therefore hope you will sign EDM 178 tabled by Michael Meacher, John Gummer and Norman Baker supporting the Climate Change Bill. This would require annual reductions of 3% in carbon dioxide emissions, regular reporting and provide mechanisms that would correct failing policies.

I do hope you will sign the EDM.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia


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