Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mark Thomas and Rob Newman Live

Last night I went to the Warwick Arts Theatre with some friends to see Mark Thomas and Rob Newman. I had seen some of Mark Thomas’s stuff on video for some work I did at university but I had no idea of what Rob Newman was like and so was not sure what to expect. I was very pleased at the end of the night, as they were both good and full of laughs.

Mark Thomas came on first and managed to go through a wide range of subjects. The joke I most enjoyed was his idea of how to invade the United States of America. Mark Thomas also spoke about his experience of attending large arms fair in London recently.

Rob Newham took us through why he thinks the First World War was about Iraq and the Berlin to Baghdad railway. I had never heard this theory before and am still not sure about it. I still believe that the First World War was due to the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (call me naïve if you wish).

Rob Newham also talked a lot about the current Iraq conflict and the causes. It seems as is Rob Newham is convinced that it is rooting in Iraq changing to Euros from Dollars for oil trading, a theory I have heard before but not paid too much attention too. I guess the lack of participation by Euro trading nations in the conflict may explain that theory.

I don’t recall all the jokes from the evening but one I do from Rob Newham (I think) was that funny how George Bush was told by god that the USA should participate in a conflict in the middle east but not that there was going to be a severe hurricane in New Orleans.


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