Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Democracy Series is a major new project aimed at stimulating constructive debate on a range of issues central to the future of democratic politics. The Series draws together a range of experts from a variety of professional backgrounds and political persuasions, who will contribute essays and commentaries on six broad themes:

Democracy and Islam
Democracy and Voting
Democracy and Disengagement
Democracy and Capitalism
Democracy and Political Parties
Democracy and the Future of the British Constitution

Democracy and Islam by Professor Haleh Afshar with commentaries by Professor Brian Barry, Madeleine Bunting and Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE is published on Tuesday May 9.

Each publication is available for free download from www.democracyseries.org.uk. An online debate will be hosted over a period of three weeks after the publication of each booklet to enable wider discussion about the issues involved. Contributions from people of any and all ages, backgrounds and political persuasions are welcome.

Register now at www.democracyseries.org.uk

For each debate a summary report will be produced and distributed online. These reports will serve as a permanent record of the views expressed by participants.

The Democracy Series is organised by the Hansard Society and administered by an editorial board:

Kate Jenkins (Hansard Society Vice-Chair)
Declan McHugh (Director, Parliament & Government Programme, Hansard Society)
Philip Parvin (Director, Study & Scholars Programme, Hansard Society)
Peter Riddell (Hansard Society Council & Associate Editor (politics), The Times)

The Series is supported by the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA).


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