Thursday, June 08, 2006

Undergraduate study

I am currently a level two undergraduate student at the University of Wolverhampton and have just finished with my exams for this academic year. Now that the Industrial action is over I hope that all my work will be marked soon and that on 10th July I will be able to find out what modules I have passed and if I can move on to level three o my studies. As part of my level three studies I have to do some independent study which involves researching and writing an essay of six to eight thousand words. I had some discussion with my lecturers recently to see what sort of title I might start working with. Below is the list that I am currently working with which I will have to narrow down to one by the beginning of November so that I can start work on my project by January 2007 should I pass my level two modules. If you have any thoughts on the titles or suggestions on where I might be able to find academic literature related to the title please get in touch or post in the comments. All advice, help, hints, support would be appreciated.

The UN was formed "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war" Examine the case for reforming the UN Security Council. How would such reforms mean the UN met that aim?

To an extent the composition of the UN Security Council is merely a historical legacy of World War II, what reforms of the UN Security Council are needed to ensure that the UN is ready to confront the global challenges facing it?

To what extent are Tony Blair's remarks that "there is a hopeless mismatch between the global challenges we face and the global institutions to confront them" true in relation to the United Nations and what reforms of the UN Security Council are needed before it is a global institutions able to confront global challenges?

To what extent has the European Union achieved economic integration?

What are the barriers to full economic integration of the countries of the EU?

`Pressure group activity is necessary for democracy' to what is this proposition right?

To what extent is the welfare state a legacy of the 1945-1951 Labour government?

How thoroughly had the wartime coalition government prepared the way for the welfare state?


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