Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Guardian Christmas quiz 2006

I have just taken The Guardian Christmas quiz 2006 and I got a score of 18 out of 25 which is not bad I am sure if I had paid more attention to things it could have been higher.

The questions I answered wrong to were:

How many Labour backbenchers rebelled against the ID cards bill?

The Met police launches an investigation into 'cash for honours' allegations after a complaint by which party?

A Sinn Féin aide accused of being a British spy is found dead in Ireland. His name was:

Tommy Sheridan, ex-leader of the Scottish Socialist party, won £200,000 damages from the News of the World, over allegations he visited swingers' clubs. One of his defences was that his accusers had not noticed he was:

In the ensuing co-ordinated TV statements, the PM and chancellor spoke to the cameras from where?

The chair of which leftwing party becomes an overnight multi-millionaire after auctioning a painting stolen from her Jewish family by the Nazis?

Tony Blair became the first serving prime minister to be interviewed by the police. The interrogation lasted?


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