Wednesday, May 12, 2004

BIRMINGHAM FOCUS ON BLINDNESS Ultimate Zip-Line and Abseil Challenge!

BIRMINGHAM FOCUS ON BLINDNESS, in conjunction with THE MAILBOX, proudly presents, from the roof of the BIRMINGHAM MAILBOX one of the most exhilarating Zip-Line and Abseil events of the year.This once in a lifetime opportunity for you takes place on SATURDAY 24TH and SUNDAY 25TH JULY 2004.

Having done this previously I would certainly reccomed it to everyone.

If require any more information either email me of ring my frind Ann Isherwood at Birmingham Focus on Blindness on 0121 428 5069.

Over 400 people will be taking part in order to raise £60,000 for Birmingham Focus on Blindness, supporting the needs of blind and partially sighted children and adults in the Birmingham area.

Where does my money go?
Birmingham Focus on Blindness provides services and support for those with sight impairment and severe sight impairment in Birmingham. The services and support we provide ranges from information and practical advice, living aids, rehabilitation services, low vision assessment, volunteer support and multiple disability services. Your support helps us rebuild lives devastated by sight loss. It is our hope that this support helps enhance the quality of their lives and allows them to live more independently.Every fundraising event helps fund our vital work with blind and partially sighted people.

What is the minimum/maximum age for a participant?
There is no age limit, though children will have to have their disclaimer form signed by a parent or guardian.

This is the ultimate Zip-Line and Abseil challenge!

Could you do it?

For more details call Ann on 0121 428 5069


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