Wednesday, October 06, 2004

First Week at University

So I have finally started university. At the grand old age of 21 I am a student on the University of Wolverhampton Politics and Social Policy programme.
I am the only student this year with this weird combination so I have politics classmates and Social Policy classmates but no Politics and Social Policy classmates.
My Politics classmates are combining Politics with American Studies, History, Media and Cultural Studies or War Studies. Others may be combining with other subjects but I have not been introduced to them yet.
My Social Policy classmates are combining Social Policy with Deaf Studies, Social Care, Sociology or Criminal Justice again others maybe doing combinations with other subjects but I have not met them yet.

In my first week, which they refer to as Welcome Week but others may know as Freshers Week on Monday, I had to sit through a Welcome and Introduction to the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences and an Introduction to the University of Wolverhampton Students Union. Both of these were not very interesting and I thought the introduction to the University of Wolverhampton Students Union was too heavily based on developing a drinking and sex life while at University. Then at 4pm I had to go to a meeting with my personal tutor who is Dr Eamonn O’Kane who so far seems like a very nice guy.
I spent Tuesday in Subject meetings this was an opportunity for us to meet the tutors who would be teaching us on our courses and to get to know them and the syllabus a little better.
I spent Wednesday going round the stalls in the Sports Hall at the Freshers Fayre and then wasted 2 hours going to a session which took us through Being a University Student/What is Higher Education, Study Skills in Higher Education and Managing your time. The highlight of this session was the lady who did the Managing your time session she had a very bad cold but still manage to get as many jokes as possible in. I also went to an introduction to IT where I learnt a little about WOLF.
On Thursday I helped Andy Rolling a fellow Liberal Democrat at the university staff the LDYS stall at Freshers Fayre and now that I’m at University I don’t do Fridays.

Actually I do have A Global World lectures on Friday’s.


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