Monday, January 30, 2006

National Executive Committee of the National Union of Students

Nominations for elections to the National Executive Committee of the National Union of Students closed on Friday. The elections will be held at National Conference in Blackpool from 28-30th March 2006 where delegates from many Higher and Further education institutions will elect a National President, a National Treasurer, a National Secretary, a Vice President Education, Vice President Welfare, Vice President Further Education (only delegates from FE union get a vote in this election) and 12 Executive Members known as the Block of 12.

The candidates for National President are Pav Aktar, Michael Baxter, Sian Davies, Andy Higson, Dan Large, Daniel Randall and Gemma Tummelty. Pav Aktar is currently the NUS Black Students Officer, Sian Davies is currently the NUS SWD Officer and Gemma Tummelty is currently NUS National Secretary. I think one of these three will win it I think the final two candidates will be Sian Davies and Gemma Tummelty.

The candidates for National Treasurer are Debbie Hollingsworth, Siobhan Kinealy, Derfel Owen, Joe Rukin, Chris Kristalkowski and Suzie Wylie. Derfel Owen and Suzie Wylie are currently block of twelve members while Joe Rukin is the incumbent and I imagine will be re-elected without too many difficulties.

The candidates for National Secretary are Stephen Brown, Dan Chillcot, Jamal El Shayal, Joe Rooney and Tom Stubbs. This is the one election where I know all the candidates. Stephen Brown, Dan Chillcot and Jamal El Shayal are currently block of twelve members. Dan Chillcot stood for this post last year as well. I wish all the candidates the best of luck but think this election will be won by Stephen Brown but it will be great to see how peoples votes transfer I think this will be a tough election for all the candidates.

The candidates for Vice President Education are Sosie Bucklands, Wes Streeting (currently a block of twelve member) and George Woods. I think that Wes Streeting will be easily elected to this post.

The candidates for Vice President Welfare are Veronica King, Hanis Leylabi and Heather Shaw. I think that Veronica King the incumbent will be re-elected without too many problems.

The candidates Vice President Further Education are Matthew Collins and Ellie Russell. I don’t know much about this election but since Ellie Russell is the present Vice President Further Education I expect her to be re-elected. What did surprise me was that a number of candidates for the block of 12 who are still at FE institutions didn’t stand for this post in order to raise their profile. While it doesn’t get them a second manifesto it would certainly allow for them to get two speeches to conference.

The candidates for the Block of 12 are Fatima Abrar, Richard Angell, Mickey Armstrong, Sophie Bucklands, Richard Budden, Dave Charlesworth, Karen Duncan, Jamal El Shayal, Steven Sindley, Luke Graham, Ben Gray, Rumaana Habeeb, Andy Higson, Matthew Hurst, Siobhan Kinealy, Sam Lebens, Rob McDonald, Joe Rooney, Manishta Sunnia, Louise Sweeney, Jim Thomson, Ama Uzowuru and George Woods. I know Richard Angell, Jamal El Shayal, Andy Higson, Siobhan Kinealy, Joe Rooney and Manishta Sunnia. I hope that all of them are elected however seriously looking at the list I doubt it. I am also surprised that Wes Streeting, Jessica Kosmin, Flick Cox, Judith Niven, Will Page, Derfel Owen, Stephen Brown Suzie Wylie and Daniel Randall who are all Block of twelve members this year and are allowed one more year in that position have decided not to stand for Block of twelve again. I imagine some of them expect to get elected to other posts but that is not certain.


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