Monday, May 08, 2006

Nuclear power stations

Mr Khalid Mahmood MP

I am writing to you to ask you to encourage the cabinet that committing the UK to another generation of nuclear power stations would be a dangerous, expensive and unpopular move that would do more damage than good in the fight against climate change.

Replacing all our existing nuclear power stations with new ones would create more nuclear waste, and still only save 4% of our CO2 emissions, and the savings would come too late to prevent climate change anyway.

Every pound spent on nuclear power is one, which could have delivered seven times more carbon savings if spent on energy efficiency. If the government started delivering the policy it committed to after the last Energy Review, the UK would be on track to meet its climate targets and secure its energy supply for the future.

I am particularly concerned that the Prime Minister has already made up his mind and is trying to force his opinion on the British public and none of the problems of nuclear power have yet been solved, such as the waste issue or its exorbitant cost. A commitment to nuclear would stifle the vital development of the real solutions to climate change - renewable energy and effective energy efficiency measures.

There is a better choice than nuclear that does more for the climate, more for energy security and costs less. Using energy locally and using heat as well as power is a technique that exists and works on a significant scale in several countries today.

Combined with efficiency and renewable energy technologies we can have a smarter, cleaner, cheaper and viable alternative to traditional energy systems in both heat and electricity.

Please write to all members of the cabinet individually asking them to get the government to seriously commit to stopping climate change through sustainable means that do not include nuclear power.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia


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