Monday, June 19, 2006

Alan B'Stard in the New Statesman at the Alexandra Theatre

On Friday night I met with a few friends and went to the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham with to see Rik Mayall as Alan B'Stard in the stage version of the New Statesman.

In this stage play Alan B'Stard is a Blairite who is more interested in himself than anything or anyone else. Being someone who doesn’t remember the TV version of the play I enjoyed the contemporary stuff.

The basic story involves B'Stard hiding and selling WMD, encouraging Condoleezza Rice to invade Norway and trying to have his wife murdered after sending her to shame Brown.

The play takes the piss out of a whole load of politicians around today and the new labour style but Blair, Prescott and Brown are the victims of most of the jokes.

I really enjoyed the play and thought it was a great night out and would encourage anyone who has a chance to go see it for themselves.


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