Wednesday, August 02, 2006

greenbelt homebuilding

Dear Khalid Mahmood,

The Government's latest home building projections look like a troubling first step towards increasing greenbelt homebuilding in the West Midlands region and most unfortunately this is happening at the expense of some of the nation's most beautiful countryside and natural environment.

According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) the latest Government predictions of housing requirements could see fifty percent more land being allocated for house building across the West Midlands over the next twenty five years, with the figures more than doubling in some areas. The damage that these proposed greenfield developments could do to the West Midland's countryside is almost unbearable to think of.

It is vitally important that we build on brownfield sites (many of which can be found in constituencies like the one you represent) and regenerate inner-city areas, so that these areas don’t become derelict and home to street gangs and yobs who spend their time causing nuisances.

We need affordable and sustainable housing but that does not mean that we ruin our rural areas especially while a great number of brownfield sites that are in desperate need of regeneration are left untouched. We need to put preservation of our green land and regeneration of our inner cities before destructive developments.

I hope that you will encourage Birmingham City Council not to build on any greenfield sites while there are still brownfield sites in the city which need regeneration. I would also ask that you call on Birmingham City Council to follow the example of South Shropshire District Council where the council has developed affordable part ownership schemes on brownfield land.

I also hope that you will call on the government to provide support for local councils hoping to regenerate inner-city areas. I would ask that you use your privileged position as an MP to encourage private companies to work in partnership with local councils especially Birmingham City Council to ensure that our inner-cities are regenerated and that we have more affordable and sustainable housing.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia


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