Tuesday, September 26, 2006


As many of you may know the Islamic month of Ramadan started on Saturday. I know that a number of people wonder what it is all about so I have decided to post some of the basic facts and information about Ramadan on this blog. However if anyone has any specific questions which are not answered below please do not hesitate to email me or to post the question or comment or remark in the comment box. I'll try get back to you as soon as possibble.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn till dusk abstaining from food and drink.

Muslims believe that while fasting is beneficial to health, it is regarded principally as a method of spiritual self-purification. Muslims believe that when an individual abstains from the worldly comforts such as food and drink he/she gains true sympathy with those who go hungry while growing in his his/her spiritual life.

During the month of Ramadan Muslims are encouraged to perform tarawih which is a prayer service read every night in the mosque during which the Quran is recited. Over the twenty nine or thirty nights of Ramadan the entire Quran will be recited at least once. Muslims are also asked to be more charitable during the month of Ramadan, Muslims believe that there are great rewards in offering some food or drink to help others to break their fasts. Muslims also spend a greater amount of time reciting the Quran on a personal basis.


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