Thursday, August 24, 2006

Compulsory voting: A solution to low turnout or just papering over the cracks?

The second publication in the Hansard Society’s Democracy Series will be launched at a debate on Thursday September 14. Democracy and Voting examines the case for compulsory voting in the UK. Chris Ballinger and Ben Rogers (contributors to the pamphlet) will be debating the pros and cons at a Hansard Society public meeting in Oxford. The meeting will be chaired by Dr David Butler.

The Democracy Series is a major project from the Hansard Society focusing on fundamental concerns about the future of democracy at home and abroad. The Democracy Series draws together contributions from a range of experts and actively encourages people from all sections of society to voice their opinions via a moderated online debate at

Democracy and Voting by Dr Chris Ballinger with commentaries by Dr Ken Ritchie, Professor Helen Margetts and Dr Ben Rogers raises questions about whether compulsory voting would encourage civic engagement or mask underlying alienation from the political system. These issues will be debated on the Democracy Series website ( where the pamphlets can be downloaded free. Anyone with an interest in these vital issues and the way in which our democracy might adapt in the future is encouraged to join the debate.

For further information and to book your place at the launch debate in Oxford on September 14, contact


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