Monday, October 02, 2006

The Mixed Messenger
Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLDm)

Just...take...the...fucking...flower...darling. The Mixed Messenger apologizes again.

You're looking for love, but you'll always maintain your independence. You're prepared for a real commitment, but it's also likely that you're ambitious, which creates a certain romantic tension and ambivalence within you. So although you can be very affectionate to someone, you are also capable of pulling some dubious shit.

Your exact opposite:
The Playboy

Random Gentle Sex Master
In a relationship, you're usually the emotional leader. With your friends, you're a little bit more part of the pack. You're well-liked but you're not the uninhibited type, so the spotlight's often on someone else. In both social and romantic situations, however, you almost always get what you want. Influencing people is something you do very well.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Playstation, The Peach

DeliberateGentleLoveDreamerThe Slow DancerThe Sonnet
DeliberateGentleLoveMasterThe GentlemanThe Maid of Honor
DeliberateGentleSexDreamerThe BackrubberThe Intern
DeliberateGentleSexMasterThe BachelorThe Dirty Little Secret
DeliberateBrutalLoveDreamerThe Mixed MessengerThe Priss
DeliberateBrutalLoveMasterThe False MessiahThe Battleaxe
DeliberateBrutalSexDreamerThe Billy GoatThe Nymph
DeliberateBrutalSexMasterThe 5-Night StandThe Stiletto
RandomGentleLoveDreamerThe Boy Next DoorThe Window Shopper
RandomGentleLoveMasterThe LoverboyThe Peach
RandomGentleSexDreamerThe PoolboyThe Nurse
RandomGentleSexMasterThe PlayboyThe Playstation
RandomBrutalLoveDreamerThe ManchildThe Wild Rose
RandomBrutalLoveMasterThe Vapor TrailThe Sudden Departure
RandomBrutalSexDreamerThe Last Man on EarthHalf-Cocked
RandomBrutalSexMasterThe HornivoreGenghis Khunt

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