Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shopping and my love for Books and DVDs

I really hate going shopping especially at busy times of the year such as the present time. I prefer to do most of my shopping online its much easier and I rarely get tempted to buy stuff I don’t need. Over the last two days I have been out shopping because I need some clothes and shoes as well get some gifts for family members since Eid is coming up soon. However whenever I go shopping I cant help myself but walk over to or walk into the books and DVDs shops or sections in shops.

Over the last two days I have bought Am I Bovvered?: The "Catherine Tate Show" Scripts, Bobby Robson: Farewell But Not Goodbye, Britannica Concise Encyclopaedia, Crash, Have I Got News for You, Little Britain: The Complete Scripts and Stuff - Series Three and Shakespeare ReTold even though I have a number of books and DVDs which I still haven’t read or watched.

My book collection is fairly large and I am now having trouble finding places in my bedroom where I can put my books which is greatly annoying for my parents, over the last four years I have bought seventy five books just off Amazon. I have also purchased a number of books from places like ASDA, The Works, Waterstones & WHSmith and I have been given a number of books as gifts on birthdays, for Christmas and for Eid.

My DVDs collection is much smaller but still growing and taking up space in my bedroom. I am sure that when I move out of my parents house and get a place of my own I will have to have a room especially for the books and hope that I have enough space in another room to get my DVDs in their.


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