Saturday, June 05, 2004

So how many political conversations do you have every day?

So research by the Electoral Commission suggests that Britons take part in 14.5m political conversations every day.

That comes as no surprise to me as almost everyday my brother like most people who work complains about how much tax he pays, most my friends who use the No 11 route complain about how rubbish the service is, most students complain about the number of exams they sit, the debt they get in to studying or they have to pay, drivers complain about the traffic on roads, pedestrians and residents complain about the mess on the roads, home owners complain about the price of their mortgage.
These are just some of things that I can think of at the moment there must be loads of other things that people talk about during the day without realising that it is a consequence of a political decisions.

A rough idea of how much politics affects can be seen from the wide range of governments departments that exist i.e. Foreign, Environment, Rural Affairs and Food, Transport, Trade and Industry, Education, Work and Pensions, Health, International Development, Culture, Media and Sport, Defence etc how many us take time to discuss an issue relating to any one of those at least once a day?

Congratulations to West Midlands Area NUS (WMANUS) who have launched a website to encourage people to vote on June 10th when here in Birmingham we will be electing the whole of our city Council and as part of the West Midlands we will be electing our MEPs.

Therefore I would just like to wish to all the Liberal Democrat Candidates in Birmingham City Council and European elections the best of Luck.

Why I will Vote for the Liberal Democrats:
On a national level the Liberal Democrats are opposed to Tuition and
Top-up Fees, taking a principled stance against the war, want to introduce votes at 16, want to save our School Buses, want to take action against ticket touts, want to replace the council tax with a local income tax.

Closer to home the Liberal Democrats are promising to achieve value for money, a cleaner and greener environment, safer communities, better and more affordable housing and economic development and regeneration.

In the European Parliament the Liberal Democrats will battle to make sure that the EU tackles the needs of British people and promotes their interests, and that the EU works to help people who are suffering in every corner of the world.

That’s why I will vote for the Liberal Democrats on Thursday 10th June 2004, why not join me?


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Keep up the good work

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