Thursday, July 29, 2004

Summer Holidays

It occurred to me that I am really sad person (yes at this point all those who know me say “you’ve just realised we’ve known for ages”).

Since my last exam which was A2 Unit 6 Economics on Monday 28th June 2004 I spent most of my time campaigning during the Hodge Hill by-election which was on 15th July and the only break I had during that time was……………………..............................................................................................
wait for it…………................................................................................................
the LDYS Federal Executive Handover Weekend.

Then when that was finished the following day I met with Mark Ramsden and Simon Drage, two fellow LDYS members to talk about what………………................
Politics and Studies.

Then on Saturday 17th July 2004 I was at a meeting of West Midlands Area National Union of Students Executive at Coventry University.

Then I spent Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th July helping Birmingham Focus on Blindness prepare for the fantastic Abseil and Zip Line event which they had organised at the Mailbox for the weekend of 24th & 25th July.

I spent the rest of that week at home doing nothing and then on Saturday helped Birmingham Focus on Blindness with Abseil and Zip Line at the Mailbox. Oh at some point in that week I prepared an Agenda for the LDYS NUS Committee Meeting, a Paper for the LDYS Federal Executive to approve and had a discussion with Dave Wood about some LDYS stuff. Apart from that on Wednesday I went to the bar-b-queue that was part of my friend Hash’s wedding and then on Saturday evening I went to actual wedding supper. Where I met lots of people who I usually only meet at people weddings.

Then on Sunday I was up at 6 YES! 6 o’clock in the morning to make sure that I left home early enough to get to Birmingham New Street for the 8:45 train to Northampton where I then had to change over to a bus which was suppose to get me to London Euston at 12pm. However the British Rail Network being the British Rail Network and it being a Sunday my train was delayed for 15 minutes at Birmingham New Street, then when we got to Rugby we had to change because there was a “mechanical problem” with the train we were on which meant we got to Northampton late and had to wait a little longer for coaches to arrive. Then we stuck in traffic due to a burst water pipe and finally arrived at London Euston at 12:25. Then I couldn’t use the map properly to get myself to University of London on Malet Street, so had to walk up and down Euston Road for a few minutes before finding a cab which would drop me and Mark Ramsden off close to University of London on Malet Street. Oh did I tell you that I popped into Boots to get a sandwich at some point.
Then off to the LDYS Federal Executive meeting which lasted for four hours (we get two breaks thanks to our chair Chris Lomax).

That was then followed by the LDYS NUS Committee Meeting which I closed after for the fear of missing the direct 18:35 London Euston to Birmingham New Street which was then delayed for 80 minutes. YES! I spent 1 hour 20 minutes loitering around Euston station. What was surprising was how calm I remained during this time. The only time when I was not calm during the day was when I had to put my navigation skills to the test and get to University of London on Malet Street from Euston station and from University of London on Malet Street to Euston station. I finally got home at 11:10, which was about 5 hours after I left University of London.

I then spent Monday recovering and reading the minutes, which Ryan had typed up brilliantly and I spent Tuesday transferring stuff from my computer to floppy disks. Then came Wednesday which I spent reading the manifestos of the candidates for the Liberal Democrats Presidential race and surfing the net.

So you see my life is really boring.

Just been looking through my diary for what’s to come:

Hodge Hill By-election Debrief: Date, Time and Venue to be confirmed
Handsworth Wood Post election get together: 30th July 04
Burton Constituency (East Staffordshire) Action day: 31st July 04
Policy Training: 4th August 04
WMLDYS Executive Meeting: 7th August 04
LDYS England Executive Meeting: 7th August 04
Perry Barr & Ladywood Local Party Executive Meeting: 10th August 04
Results Day: 19th August
NSLP training: 13th-15th September
Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference: 19th-23rd September 04, Bournemouth 

So it looks like it not going to end. So I thought maybe I should further my hobby of reading but the books on my reading list include The Future of Politics, An Intelligent Person's Guide to Liberalism and Give Me Ten Seconds, so it looks like the only way in which this could end is that I get a job. However that’s is not as easy as it sounds. So my boring life goes on.


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