Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Seven Down, Two to go.

Sorry have not posted for a while but just getting a little busy with exams. However I do wish that it was revision for my nine exams that was keeping me from blogging but there is this football tournament called Euro 2004 that is currently taking place and has come at the end of a long local election campaign which prevents me from revision when I need it most so I know what to blame when my results come out in August.

Exams Report
My first exam was Economics Unit 1 on Monday 14th which was a retake of an exam I did last year and didn’t do too well on. I thought the paper was not too bad but because I was the only one sitting the paper I could not talk to anyone about it to get a feeling of how I have done.
My second exam was Economics Unit 4 on Wednesday 16th which was a paper on the European Union expecting the question to be on EU Competition Policy or enlargement you can expect my surprise when I was asked to write a memo about the EU employment.
Then there was “Super Monday” and like all things to do with Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia it started well with the History Unit 4 & Unit 5 papers being especially as the compulsory question on Unit 5 was about Margaret Thatcher and then the options of essays asked a question about the role of Neil Kinnock and John Smith in helping Labour win the 1997 General Election.
However then came the afternoon and things went from bad to worse. During the law I could not remember a thing from Unit 4 or 5 and I will be surprised if I pick even one mark on the Law paper.
Then came this morning Unit 6 law after all the reading I did about Justice and Judicial Creativity during my journey yesterday I thought that I would be alright but NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000! the same bloody thing as Monday afternoon. I could not remember anything.
So with seven from the nine gone I have so far had three exams in which I think I have done reasonably well so you will think that that makes the two remaining Economics exams on Monday crucial if I am to get some good grades in August however after my experiences from the last ten days or so I am not expecting much.

What Else Have you been up to?
I have been helping the Hodge Hill Liberal Democrats with delivering leaflets and surveys in preparation for the forthcoming Hodge Hill by-election.
Now that Terry Davis has actually jumped ship (and we’re not only hoping) the Hodge Hill Liberal Democrats have a real opportunity to win the Hodge Hill by-election. Good luck to Hodge Hill Liberal Democrats, I'll be down there lots soon and I am certainly looking forward to the upcoming West Midlands LDYS action weekend in July.
Hopefully success for the Hodge Hill Liberal Democrats will help the Liberal Democrats in Folkestone and Hythe beat Michael Howard.


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