Friday, June 25, 2004

Portugal vs. England

I missed the first half so I can not say anything about that however from what I saw (the whole second half, extra time and penalties) I have to say that England were playing too deep and it was a case of when Portugal scored rather than if Portugal scored. On the basis of what I saw England did not deserve to win. The only player who I thought played well was Ashley Cole.

With the Sol Campbell disallowed Goal I have to say that my first reaction was that he got it right (however I have since changed my mind) but we must remember that the referee made his decision on what he saw so to him John Terry was pushing Richardo.

Previously England had a good chance of winning Penalty shootouts because we had a keeper (David Seaman) who was great a saving penalties but David James is rubbish and while David James is England's first choice keeper England have no chance of winning a Penalty shootout.


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