Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Last night I was surfing the web and decided to sign up to BBC Sportdaq.
I started off by buying 100 shares in Michael Schumacher because he is the best driver in Formula 1, 100 shares in Andrew Flintoff because he is an all rounder and good at both batting and bowling so as an England international will have a good game with the bat or ball, 100 shares in Michael Vaughan because he is the England cricket team captain and as they have had a good summer hopefully they will do well in the tournament which starts soon and will do well on the tour to South Africa, 100 shares in Kelly Holmes because she had a great race the night she won the gold medal and so will probably also well in the final later this week (hopefully win another gold) and 100 shares in Amir Khan because he looks like a good boxer and can will be winning a medal at the Olympics.This evening I have bought 100 shares in Alex Ferguson, 100 shares in Jose Mourinho and 100 shares in Arsene Wenger.
What I have now decided is that I will sell the shares I have in all the people I currently have shares in except Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger because the Premiership race this season will be between the clubs managed by these three managers so they should bring me good returns over the season.I will hold on to the shares I have in Michael Schumacher because he looks unbeatable this season.I will sell the remainder of the shares I have as soon as they have made me a little profit. At present only the shares I have bought in Amir Khan will make me a profit but with these I will hold until he we actually know where he will finish in the Olympics.


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