Monday, December 27, 2004

MP witnesses Maldives destruction

This makes interesting reading.
Frist hand accounts of events like this make them seem more “real”
Asian Disaster
The sheer scale of this disaster is horrific and what is worse is that the full extent of the damage is still not known in areas worst hit.
While the worst affected areas are Sri Lanka (11,000 estimated dead), Indonesia (4,500 estimated dead), India (3,500 estimated dead) and Thailand (839 estimated dead) countries such as Malaysia, Maldives, Burma and Bangladesh have also been affected. Hundreds of Somalis are feared to have drowned in the massive waves produced by the earthquake. Waves that swept 7,000km (4,000 miles) from the epicentre, also struck Kenya, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles.

The earthquake which was the fifth strongest since 1900 had a particularly widespread effect because it seems to have taken place just below the surface of the ocean

I cannot feel anything but the utmost sympathy for all those who have been involved and for the families and friends of those who have died.

The most practical way to show our concern is to give assistance to those countries that have been devastated. International organisations have already made pledges to help the victims. The Red Cross launched an appeal for £3.5m, The European Union pledged £2.1m, Australia has promised £4m and sent two air force planes carrying drinking water and purification equipment to Indonesia, Russia has sent 25 tons of humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka, the UK is sending an aid flight to Sri Lanka with plastic sheeting and tenting and the French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier will travel on a plane carrying humanitarian aid and doctors to Sri Lanka and Thailand.
I have heard man time on radio over the weekend that planes will be travelling from UK to help bring back UK citizens stranded in the countries hot by the earthquake (probably the biggest natural disaster of our lifetime to date) I hope that these planes do not go empty but take things clean drinking water, purification, sanitation kits, food, shelter and clothes for those who have now lost everything they had.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I just decided to take the Guardian Christmas quiz 2004 and found that I got 8 out of a possible 12.
I must say I was suprised with my performance.
New Politics Network Blog

Will add it to my links bar which needs a little editing later.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Government's number one priority
Considering that Education and Skills is regarded as the Government's number one priority, and they are currently embarking on huge reforms of schools, colleges, universities and training systems, it is astounding that not only the Secretary of State - but the Minister of State - should be moved at the same time and this just only months after Alan Johnson left the department.
Serious questions must now be asked about the government’s commitment to Education and Skills.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

As described to backbencher by Michael White the Guardian's political editor:
"Michael Howard produced his little Christmas trick: a copy of Stephen Pollard's biography of David Blunkett. As everyone knows, Mr Blunkett has said some pretty disobliging things about half his cabinet colleagues and Mr Howard asked Tony Blair if he would read it over Christmas and then come back and explain himself. Well, Mr Blair was waiting for that one. Tory MPs cheered and the prime minister said: 'There's a book I've been reading, actually: Woodrow Wyatt's diaries.'
"Its a pity Lord Wyatt hasn't been around to keep his diaries going: they would have been pretty good for 2004. But what he said in 1991 was that he had been to see John Major's employment secretary, a chap called Michael Howard, and they had been talking about the upcoming election and when they should have it, and Mr Howard had said: 'Unemployment doesn't matter.' All the Labour MPs loved that.
"As Mr Blair left, Tory MPs started shouting: 'Take the book!' Mr Howard had left the copy of Stephen Pollard's biography on the dispatch box. Mr Blair, of course, ignored it and Hilary Armstrong, the Labour chief whip, walked up, picked it up and threw it at the Tory benches. I'm very sorry to say that it thumped frontbencher Alan Duncan, which is a shame because he is one of the smaller MPs. He looked displeased and Eric Forth, the shadow leader of the house, protested about this technical assault".
My first reaction when I read that was it just very childish. Politicians then worry about people becoming politically apathetic. If politicians behave they way we expect of young children why would people be intrested in their work and why would someone vote for them.

What are labour policies on disciplining students who take similar actions in the classroom? and I have to agree with Phil Willis MP the Liberal Democrats Education Spokesperson "It's particularly ironic that we get this sort of behaviour in the same week as MPs piously debated school discipline and measures to improve it. One big thing that influences children is the behaviour and example of their elders."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just had my most embarrassing moment on air so far.

It didn’t come during a news, weather or sport bulletin or even during a link handing back to the studio.

But it came when Jo and Lisa (Another of KIC’s Irish contingent) asked
"what would you do if you were a women for a day?"

Once I replied all the women in the studio all went
It’s been great fun working with the ladies team today.

Once again the Liberal Democrats are the only effective opposition to the government.

Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm not the biggest fotball fan in the world nut yesterday I was really pleased to find that Blues shitted all over Villa.


Five derbys unbeaten.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Maybe Charles is preparing for life after politics.
Drinks Machine
I travelled down to the drinks machine at the Uni on Thursday just before I got there a beautiful young lady arrived. She opened her purse and put in 50p, studied the machine a little, pushed a Diet Coke selection, and out came a Diet Coke which she placed on a counter by the machine.
Then she reached in her purse again and pulled out a £1 and inserted it in the machine. Studying the machine carefully, she pushed the button for Coke and out came a Coke and 50p change.
She immediately took the 50p and put it in the machine, studied it for a moment and pushed the Fanta button. Out came a Fanta. As she was reaching into her purse again, I spoke up.
"Excuse me Ms. but are you done yet?" She looked at me and indignantly replied: "Well Duhhh!, I'm still winning"

Thursday, December 09, 2004



Came across this (blog) and just wanted to know what language it is.

Any Ideas?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

As some of you may know I am currently doing some voluntary work with kicfm.

Kicfm is an independent voluntary radio station which looks for young people who have varying levels of experience to train in all aspects of radio, - in both on and off-air positions.

My main focus is on researching and broadcasting news and sport. I had my first broadcast yesterday which was some fun and very nerve racking. I will on again today providing the local news for Mosley Park & Andy Raj and DRiVETIME.

But first I have a lecture on the Media & British Politics and a seminar on Voting behaviour since 1945.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Which Absurd Cat are you?

You scored as Couch Potato Cat. Decorative pillow? No, that'd be you sitting on the couch, even still. Hmm. . . I'm guessing you have Web TV.

Couch Potato Cat


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Derranged Cat


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Drunk Cat


Nerd Cat


Which Absurd Cat are you?
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Monday, December 06, 2004

Long time No Update

It’s almost a week since I last updated this blog. Sitting here in the Harrison Learning Centre I thought I should I update this blog rather then look at why the Tories failed to win the 2001 General Election (deadline 15th December).

Anyone who read my last post could have been under the impression that the NUS National Demonstration 2004. was on Monday however that was my mistake I didn’t read it through properly before publishing it.

Thursday was the day of the NUS National Demonstration 2004. For a little bit I was worried when it was just Chris, Gez and myself but then LDYS Cardiff, David Rendel MP, Jenny Randerson AM, Liberal Democrat Cardiff Central PCC Jenny Willott arrived. Soon we were joined by members from London, Swansea, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Aberystwyth and I have no idea where else. At this point I realised that the Liberal Democrats were once again reinforcing their commitment to the fight against Tuition fees and Top-Up fees. At a point in this fight when many students have turned off and decided that they will stick with what raw deal Labour are serving them the Liberal Democrats are coming forward and showing that there is an alternative to funding Higher Education through Tuition and Top-Up fees by implementing policies in Scotland and by making the case for taxing incomes over £100k at 50% which would not only allow the government to Scrap tuition and top-up fees for students but also allow them to introduce free personal care for the elderly and keep down the rate of local taxes.

It was noticeable that the Conservatives who claim to be the opposition are not an opposition. Not only were they totally absent on the march but they couldn’t even provide a speaker to show the Labour party that there is a political opposition to tuition fees and top-up fees which will widened the gap between social classes, worsen the problems of student debt and will not raise the extra money that universities need.

As LDYS's National Union of Students spokesperson I just like to thank Chris Lomax for getting David Rendel MP to agree to come along and for helping with getting resources sorted for the day, I’d like to thank David Rendel MP, Jenny Randerson AM, Liberal Democrat PCC for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott, Liberal Democrat PPC for Westbury Duncan Hames and all the Liberal Democrat members who came along. I’d also like to thank Chris Keating for producing the literature for the day and Sarah Green for helping to translate from English to Welsh. Thanks Gez Smith & Jade Farrington for press releases and presswork they did for the event. Thanks also to Thomas Paul for his constant advice and communication with the various people to keep things together and encourage others to participate. Finally thanks James Matthews and Katie Leech for helping to get things started and going in preparation for this event.

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