Thursday, May 12, 2005

LDYS Executive re-shuffle

On 1st July the LDYS Executive Committee will be going through its annual re-shuffle. Current Chair, Chris Lomax will leave to be replaced by current Vice Chair Communication Job-share Gez Smith. The other half of the current Vice Chair Communication Jade Farrington will move to Vice Chair Campaigns to replace Chris Keating who like Chris Lomax is leaving the LDYS executive. The current Vice Chair Communication team will be replaced by Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia (currently a General Executive Member) and Mark Ramsden (currently LDYS England Chair). Steve Harper who currently serves as a General Executive Members will be replacing Vice-Chair Membership Development Thomas Paul & Vivienne Raper while Martyn Hencher another one of the current General Executive Members will be replacing Vice-Chair Finance Will Howells who leaves the executive after two years in the post.

With Steven Harper, Martyn Hencher and Adam Nazir Ahmed Teladia from the current General Executive Members moving to Vice Chair roles and Alison Cross, Rob Tiffen and Joe Towler all leaving Paddy Kent will be the only General Executive Member who remains in his current. Alex Woodman, Christopher Leslie, Patrick Murray, Paul Evans, Paul Pettinger, Peter Bancroft and Simon Drage join Paddy Kent as General Executive Members to complete the team of eight General Executive Members on the executive.

Yes, ok, the LDYS elections took place recently and we found out that the executive team for 2005/2006 will be:

Chair: Gez Smith
Vice Chair Campaigns: Jade Farrington
Vice Chair Communications: Adam Teladia/Mark Ramsden (Job Share)
Vice Chair Finance: Martyn Hencher
Vice Chair Membership Development: Steve Harper
General Executive Members: Alex Woodman, Christopher Leslie, Paddy Kent, Patrick Murray, Paul Evans, Paul Pettinger, Peter Bancroft, and Simon Drage

I am very excited about the new executive that will take over from 1st July. Its great to see that people I currently enjoy working with such as Gez Smith, Jade Farrington, Martyn Hencher, Steve Harper and Paddy Kent have been elected. While I was disappointed that Gavin Whenman didn’t make it but I am pleased that Christopher Leslie, Patrick Murray, Paul Pettinger and Simon Drage all whom I know have been elected. I was also pleased to find that Peter Bancroft a man great knowledge on International Politics was also elected. I hope Peter can add something to our international campaigns.

I am disappointed that Chris Keating who has been really supportive and helpful to me in my first year on the LDYS executive is leaving. I wish him the very best of luck with whatever he chooses to do in the future and I hope that we work again together before too long.


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