Sunday, July 02, 2006

Both Sides of the Pond

My friend Mark Ramsden who is a Politics & Parliamentary Studies student at the University of Leeds has just started a blog called Both Sides of the Pond.

Mark Ramsden is currently working for a large UK company in their government relations department however from September to December Mark Ramsden will be working in parliament for a senior Liberal Democrat MP and from January 2007 Mark Ramsden will be interning in the US Congress.

I look forward to what Mark has to say about the three different experirnces he will have over the next twelve months or so.

Both Sides of the Pond can be found at


Blogger Alan Muhammed said...

I think I've met Mark Ramsden...he's not Chinese is he? Just the blog link is not in English.

18/8/06 11:45  

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