Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brighton 2006 - Training Programme

Last week Colin Ross emailed me to say that he now had the Liberal Democrats 2006 Brighton Autumn Conference Training Programme. Since I will be training in Brighton during conference (my first time at federal conference) I was particularly pleased to know that the training programme was now available. As a trainer its always useful to know where and when you are training. I had a rough idea of what I was training however I was surprised to find that I will be training with Colin Penning and Colin Ross. I was under the impression that I would be training with Miranda Piercy who I trained with at the Agents and Organisers Training Day in Birmingham during July.

I know both Colin Penning and Colin Ross I have known Colin Penning since 2005 when I joined the Liberal Democrats Agents and Organisers Association and I have known Colin Ross since spring 2004 when he trained a module at regional conference that I was at. I have trained a number of times with Colin Ross including the module or something similar to what we will be training at Autumn Conference but this will be the first time I train with Colin Penning.

I will also be training for LDYS. Along with Chris Keating I will be training Winning the Student Vote. I have known Chris since 2004 when I was first elected to the LDYS Federal Executive. At that point Chris was LDYS Vice Chair Campaigns and I was just a General Executive Member. Chris was a great friend who advised me wisely on a lot of the work I did. Since I have not met Chris for sometime I look forward to meeting and training with him at the Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference.

For your information these are modules I’ll be training with others.

Sunday 17th September, 09.15 – 10.45
Treating your Members Well
Colin Penning & Adam Teladia - Agents Association
Glyndebourne 1, Holiday Inn

Sunday 17th September, 11.00 – 12.30
Winning the Student Vote
Come & find out tricks to get more students out to vote & to replicate the successes of seats like Cambridge and Leeds North West
Chris Keating & Adam Teladia - LDYS
Glyndebourne 1, Holiday Inn

Tuesday 19th September, 09.15 – 10.45
Designing your Development and Campaign Plans
Colin Ross & Adam Teladia - Agents Association
Glyndebourne 1, Holiday Inn


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