Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democrats seal US Congress victory

With Republican George Allen admitting defeat in the Virginia race for the US Senate the Democrats can now celebrate the mid-term victories in both houses of Congress. Jim Webb victory gives the Democrats a 51-49 majority in the Senate along with their 229-196 majority in the House of Representatives.

The Republican loss of both houses of Congress will make President George W Bush's last two years in office difficult. He will need to secure the Democrats' approval for any proposals that require the backing of Congress.

The Senate victory will also give the Democrats key posts on powerful congressional committees - and will also gain them more control over the Bush administration's purse strings.

The Democrats will have the right to hold hearings and approve presidential appointments, including those to the Supreme Court and Donald Rumsfeld replacement Robert Gates.

Colin Ross uses his post on the US mid-term elections to say what most liberals must be thinking that its great that Donald Rumsfeld is sacked/resigns as Defence Secretary, Bush should have accepted Rumsfeld resignation after the Abu Ghraib or sacked him then if he was at all serious about improving the situation in Iraq.

Lynne Featherstone uses her post to discuss the election of Keith Ellison in Minnesota who will be the first Muslim member of the Congress.


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