Tuesday, November 28, 2006

European Citizens' Initiative Campaign Launches

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) campaign was launched on 9 November. The goal of this campaign is to collect signatures of people from all member states, demanding the introduction of the ECI by a regulation into European law. Such a regulation would require the European Commission to respond to a proposed change in European law signed by at least one million EU citizens.

When implemented, the ECI will be the first transnational tool of participatory democracy. It would enable European citizens to directly influence the political agenda of the EU for the first time in history.

As the petition in support of the One Seat campaign has shown already it is possible to get a million citizens from across the EU to unite on a single campaign. The petition in support of the One Seat campaign passed the one million mark back in September (http://www.oneseat.eu/). The problem is, currently the Commission has no formal system in place to respond to such initiatives.

Unlock Democracy will be coordinating activities for the ECI campaign in the UK. You can sign up to the campaign directly yourself by going to: http://www.citizens-initiative.eu/.


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