Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Liberal Democrat Muslim Forum Annual Conference & Annual Eid Dinner

The Liberal Democrat Muslim Forum will be hosting an afternoon of debate on The Impact of War on Global Terrorism on British Muslims and the Responsibility of British Government and The Role and Responsibility of British Muslim Community.

The event on Satyrday 2nd December 2006 starting at 1pm will be held at The Mogal-e-Azam, one of Nottingham's best Indian Restaurants.

The afternoon debates will be from 1pm to 5pm, Speakers invited include Dr Gaysiuddin Siddiqi (Muslim Parliament UK), Dr Abdul Bari (Sec. General of British Council of Muslims), Zulfi Bukhari (Director of MPAC UK), Lynn Featherstone MP (Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Affairs Spokesperson), Mark Hunter MP (Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Affairs Spokesperson), Bill Newton Dunn MEP (member of EU Citizens Freedoms Committee)

All information and registration forms are available on the Liberal Democrat Muslim Forum website www.muslim.libdems.org


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