Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Super Thursday

Over the past year I have worked with Liberal Democrat Focus Teams in seven different Wards in Birmingham (Stockland Green, Aston, East Handsworth and Lozells, Handsworth Wood, Oscott, Perry Barr, Selly Oak). Generally the response we have received has been warm and welcoming.

We have heard many warm and kind comments about Liberal Democrat campaigns to clean up areas, save local post offices and scrap the unfair council tax.

Across the city of Birmingham Conservative supporters are pissed off and feel very angry and annoyed that the local Conservative Councillors are keeping the Labour party in power in Birmingham. Lifelong Conservative voters are now saying that they will vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Labour party supporters across the city of Birmingham are angry with the Labour Council for failing Social Services, Housing, Transportation among other things in Birmingham and they are angry with Labour government for their spin on Iraq and for breaking their promises on student tuition fees.

Over the past twelve months and in a lot of cases longer local Liberal Democrat Focus Teams have been campaigning hard to improve their local areas for everyone. They have dealt with local residents' problems and queries from potholes to overloaded skips to dumped rubbish.

A Liberal Democrat Council in Birmingham will work with its citizens not try to control everything itself, a Liberal Democrat Birmingham City Council will be open and accountable not a centralized bureaucracy. Birmingham City Council under the control of Liberal Democrats will be Efficient and Effective.

On Thursday the whole of Birmingham City Council is up for election. I urge the people of Birmingham who want a city–“on the move”, a city–“that is safe”, a city–“for the future”, a city–“that cares”, a city–“that we can be proud of”, a city–“for all”, a city–“for learning”, a city–“with adequate housing”, a city–“with services for all”, a city-“that thrives” and a city–“with good services” to vote for Liberal Democrat candidates across the city.

All Birmingham Citizens must remember that they have 3 votes in the council election. Please use all 3 to elect the Liberal Democrat.

P.s. the Liberal Democrats have published manifestos for the local and European Elections and the Birmingham Liberal Democrats have published a manifesto for Birmingham.


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