Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Thank you

"The Liberal Democrats have had a spectacular set of local, London and European elections results, gaining seats all across the country and making large inroads in Labour's former heartlands. Thank you to everyone who turned out and voted for us."

Charles Kennedy MP

When at first I read the message above my reaction was that the party were being typical politicians and spinning the situation to make it look like we had a good election however I then began to seriously look at the results we had and realised that the Liberal Democrats have had a good set of local, London and European elections results.

In the local elections we increased our number of Councillors by 137 to 1283 that’s an increase of approximately 12%. We gained Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Labour and Pendle from NOC. We defended our overall majorities on Liverpool Council, Stockport Council, Milton Keynes Council, Eastleigh Council (gaining 2), Three Rivers Council (gaining 2), Cambridge Council (gaining 2) and Watford (gaining 6). We lost overall control of three councils whilst remaining as the largest party Cheltenham, Winchester and Norwich. In Cardiff the Liberal Democrats gained 15 seats to become the largest party so now in Cardiff Central Constituency every councillor is now a Liberal Democrat including WMLDYS General Executive Member Joe Carter.

In the European elections our national share of the vote went up, and with it our number of MEPs plus with it being a year when Britain’s allocation of MEPs fell that surely has to be a success.

Congratulations to all the Liberal Democrats elected as Councillors, GLA members and MEPs and commiserations to all those who didn’t win this but lets hope that we can build on this years success in next years general election and make more progress at national level.


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