Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Make Votes Count Successful vigil during Queen's Speech

A number of supporters of electoral reform gathered outside Downing Street in a vigil during the Queen's speech yesterday.

There was a great start to the day with an opinion poll on the front page of the Independent showing that following the general election a massive 62 per cent of the electorate disagree with Blair on electoral reform.

Most supporters (OK, everyone but me) wore gags, to symbolise the limited voice that people have in our inadequate democracy where securing just over 30% of the vote can give you a majority of 60 something. Supporters also held placards reading, "Tony Blair are you listening?" and "make my vote count".
Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party), Lord David Lipsey (Chair, Make Votes Count), Julia Goldsworthy MP (Liberal Democrats), Richard Burden MP (Labour), and Danny Alexander MP (Liberal Democrats) delivered a message from the protesters to the Prime Minister in number 10 Downing St. and we waved our placards as he and later the Queen swept past on their way to Parliament.


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