Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holiday Destinations

Today I have been doing some thinking about where I want to go on my holidays in the future I think I have narrowed my list down to 2008 Saudi Arabia, 2009 Malawi & South Africa, 2010 India, 2011 United States of America, 2012 Australia, 2013 Israel/Palestine, 2014 Jordan, 2015 Egypt, 2016 New Zealand, 2017 Russia, 2018 Japan and 2019 Morocco.

Not sure how many of those countries I'll actually get round to traveling to but I would like to visit all those countries at some point in my life even if it’s not in that order.


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, that's planning ahead!

11/8/06 21:02  
Blogger Adam Nazir Ahmed said...

Well, I’d like to visit all the countries listed but not sure I’ll get to do it in the order listed or even get round to all of them. But I'll be making every effort possible to visit India in 2010 that I could possibly go and watch some commonwealth games action.

12/8/06 15:40  

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