Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 and what may be yet to come

I saw an advert for a Graduate Training Scheme which I want to apply for which got me thinking about what has already happened and what may yet happen in 2007.

On 3rd January my older brother Bashir turned 30 and I made a number of jokes about him getting old. On 5th January my nephew Muhammed Uwais and his mother Fadila (my cousin Suleman's wife) came to stay with us for a short time and I have had a great time playing with unfortunately him and his mother will be off to Malawi soon and so I don’t know when I will have a chance to play with him again but as they are in England for a couple more weeks I hope to make the most of it. On 6th January I gathered with all my cousins in Birmingham for our Eid party this time we tried something new rather then ordering the food from Take Away, Restaurants or having a Bar-B-Que we decided that we would all make one dish each for the party. On 9th January I handed in the last two essays I had left for Semester 1 work at university.

Still to come this month is the Inaugural General Meeting of the Ladywood Liberal Democrats and the selection of the Liberal Democrat PPC for the Birmingham Ladywood constituency. This meeting is tomorrow and I will try to report back soon afterwards. After the meeting I will be having a sit-down with Colin Ross the former West Midlands Liberal Democrat Training Officer to have a handover. On Monday (15th January) I have the first meeting in 2007 of the Liberal Democrats' Better Governance Working Group. We should be finalising the consultation which should be published soon. On 18th January I will be visiting Highfields School in Penn to speak the students in Year 11 (about 240 15 yr-16 yr) about the Votes at 16 campaign. On 25th I hope to be at reception in the House of Commons hosted by Sir Menzies Campbell. The 27th of January is my friend Jamie Hamilton's Birthday Party. Then on 29th January Semester 2 starts at University. On 31st I hope to be attending some Agents Training which has been put on by friend Mike Dixon which will be trained by Mike Dixon and Colin Ross.

In February on the 7th I hope to be at some Targeting Training which will be trained by Mike Dixon and Colin Ross and then on 8th I hope to be going to watch Thatcher the Musical with some friends at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton. On 17th I hope to training at a Candidates Breakfast in Birmingham. 26th February sees the start of Fairtrade Fortnight 2007. I don’t have any plans for what I will do that fortnight but I am sure something will turn up.

As I hope to graduate later this year come 1st March 2007 I hope to start looking for jobs to start on 4th June 2007. If you see anything please get in touch. On 2nd March the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference which is being held in Harrogate again this year starts. So far I have only volunteered to help with Liberal Democrat Agents and Organisers Association stall and have a meeting to go to on Sunday after the conference has finished. on 22nd March the European Movement in association with the Federal Trust and Chatham House will holding a conference to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome which I hope to attend. On 24th March I will be at the West Midlands Liberal Democrats Spring Conference where I will be busy making sure all the training goes ok. The NUS Annual Conference 2007 will be on from 27th March to 29th March, I'm not sure if I will be going along this year. Then finally 30th March will be the last day of Spring Term.

April doesn’t hold much for me at the moment only that on 16th Summer Term will start this could be my final term as a full time student.

May as normal since 2003 for me starts off with the elections. This year they happen to be on the 3rd. Last year I spent election in Wolverhampton where we came so close to wining in Park Ward I hope that this year we can get Robin Lawrence elected. Since the Football League season finishes on 6th May, if Birmingham City haven’t been promoted automatically and find themselves in the play offs I could be going to a football match at some point. 14th May will see the start of two weeks of Exams at University. On 23rd my eldest brother Umar turns 33.

In June I hope to start work as Campaigner, Charity fundraiser, Policy Developer, Researcher or Conference & Events Co-ordinator/Planner however I don’t want finish at uni and spend time unemployed so I would be prepared to accept any job as long as it pays the minimum wage. On 25th June my Results Published which I hope are good and don’t involve any retakes.

I have nothing planned for July all I know is that I will be turning 24 on the 20th, so I might do something to mark my birthday.

Again like July I have nothing planned for August.

Again like July and August I have nothing planned for September too but 10th September 2007 will be 210th anniversary of Mary Wollstonecraft death so I imagine there may be some events about feminism or Mary Wollstonecraft which I may attend. On 15th September the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2007 will start unfortunately this year it will be during Ramadan (which I think will start around 12th September) and so I wont be able to go.

I have nothing planned for October, November and December however events I know or hope will occur are Eid probably around 12th October, so I will probably have a cousins party around 13/14 or 20/21, West Midlands Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference on 20th October, my mothers birthday will be on the 23rd October, my fathers birthday on 11th November and then our second Eid which will be around 21st December.

Other stuff I hope to do within 2007 are organise training session for the Liberal Democrats as Training Officer for the West Midlands Liberal Democrats, apply for a position on the Liberal Democrats Policy Working Group Panel, get approved as Liberal Democrat PPC, Move out of my parents house, work with James Graham on Reflecting Britain.



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