Monday, January 15, 2007

Birmingham Ladywood Liberal Democrats IGM and Training handover

Yesterday I attended the Birmingham Ladywood Liberal Democrats IGM we are a new local party as part of the reorganization of local parties in our region. Having previously been part of the Perry Barr team I am now in the new Ladywood constituency. The IGM was fairly straight forward and our Parliamentary selection passed without much difficulty as well.

Ayoub Khan has been re-selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Ladywood constituency which is being vacated by Clare Short.

Ayoub Khan is the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Aston ward. Ayoub stood last time recording one of the best swings in the country from Labour to Liberal Democrats of over 20%. The current Labour majority is 6,801 but as I said above there are boundary changes to the constituency and I am sure whichever candidate does the work he/she will win their votes, having been a Councillor for Aston, Ayoub should already have an advantage.

After the IGM I met with Colin Ross (my predecessor as West Midlands Liberal Democrats Training Officer) for a handover as Stuart Ritchie (the new Regional Chair) was free he joined us and the advice, ideas and information Colin and Stuart shared with me yesterday were really helpful and I hope to be acting on them soon.

I have known Colin since 2003 or 2004 I’m not too sure and I have got to know him a number of capacities as West Midlands Liberal Democrats Training Officer, Liberal Democrats Agents and Organisers Executive, a former Liberal Democrats Youth and Students Executive Officer and as a Liberal Democrats Youth and Students Vice President. Colin also happen to study Politics (combined with Law) at the University of Wolverhampton where I am currently doing my Politics and Social Policy degree. Having so much in common with Colin we have become good friends over the last couple of years and he is great at advising, encouraging and supporting me when I need it.

Colin has done a great job as the West Midlands Liberal Democrats Training Officer delivering training over the entire region, he has delivered training or arranged training in all areas that we cover in the Liberal Democrats and ensuring that more people are accredited as trainers in the region. Colin will be very difficult to follow in the role but I will be doing my best. I don’t plan to be another Colin Ross as the Training Officer something’s will have to change and we will have to adopt a new approach in certain areas of the work of the Training Officer but I hope that levels of satisfaction are just as high when my term expires as they were when Colin finished his term.

If you have any concerns or queries with regard to training in the West Midlands, please do not hesitate to email me on



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