Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just some interesting reading

I have been going through some blogs and newspaper websites and have picked these articles and posts as I found them interesting.

There is an easy answer to the West Lothian question by Simon Jenkins in The Guardian, Matthew Taylor (the Lib Dem one) is off by James Graham and History of the Union by Gavin Whenman



Blogger Gavin Whenman said...

Cheers for the link - glad you liked my post.

How comes your blog doesn't appear on LibDemBlogs - I swear it used to?

17/1/07 23:27  
Blogger Adam Nazir Ahmed said...

I think I never used to post enough plus I'm not sure my blog can be described as a Lib Dem Blog because my blog is more about and what I'm doing rather then the Lib Dems and what is happening in their circles.

In most cases I only end up mentioning the Lib Dems when I have directly been influenced or involved in something.

18/1/07 17:09  

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