Friday, December 29, 2006

Global predictions for 2006

I was just looking back at Global predictions for 2006 by John Simpson who is the BBC World Affairs editor. John Simpson predicted that in 2006

• Even the most resistant scientist, industrialist and politician will have to accept that the evidence for the damage we are doing to our planet is overwhelming.

• It will take a disturbingly long time for a new government to be created in Iraq.

• Iran will take its nuclear ambitions further, and its negotiations with the European countries will seem more and more pointless.

• Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, will wipe out both the Labour Party and Likud, the party he left, in the forthcoming election.

• The American press will finally get stuck into a serious examination of the Bush administration's business links.

• The EU's woes and weaknesses will continue for most of the year.

• Osama bin Laden will be tracked down, but will not be captured alive.

• Saddam Hussein will be found guilty of the Dujail massacre - the case which he is currently being tried for.

• England will beat Brazil in the final of the World Cup in Germany.

We have seen a lot of things happen over the past twelve months which show that a consensus now exists on the amount of damage we causing to the planet. The major work that was published in the UK was the Stern Review back in October.

We have also come a long way with regard to Iran and its nuclear ambitions. Over Christmas the UN Security Council passed a motion supporting sanctions against Iran, however the United States of America and United Kingdom don’t seem to mind working with Iran to find a solution to the unrest and violence in Iraq.

It was greatly unfortunate that not long before the elections in Israel Ariel Sharon suffered a major stroke and in the election that followed Kadima won 29 seats, Labour-Meimad 19 (-2) and Likud 12 (-15). However the major conflict in the Middle East in 2006 was between Israel and Lebanon over the summer.

As far as I know (I may have missed it in the news) we still don’t know where Osama bin Laden is and we think he is still alive but given that there has not been a video from him for a couple of months he could be dead but we just don’t know.

Saddam Hussein was found guilty of the Dujail massacre and could be hanged at any time over the next four weeks, after an appeal against his execution failed. Reports this morning say that his lawyers have been asked to pick up his personal effects and that the US military have handed him over to Iraqi custody.

And yet again for every football fan in England the world cup ended with us screaming at our TVs while player after player missed a penalty at another major tournament. This time we happen to go out to Portugal on penalties. The final was between Italy and France which ended with Italy wining on penalties (5-3) against 10-man France after Zinedine Zidane sent off for a head butt in extra-time.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shopping and my love for Books and DVDs

I really hate going shopping especially at busy times of the year such as the present time. I prefer to do most of my shopping online its much easier and I rarely get tempted to buy stuff I don’t need. Over the last two days I have been out shopping because I need some clothes and shoes as well get some gifts for family members since Eid is coming up soon. However whenever I go shopping I cant help myself but walk over to or walk into the books and DVDs shops or sections in shops.

Over the last two days I have bought Am I Bovvered?: The "Catherine Tate Show" Scripts, Bobby Robson: Farewell But Not Goodbye, Britannica Concise Encyclopaedia, Crash, Have I Got News for You, Little Britain: The Complete Scripts and Stuff - Series Three and Shakespeare ReTold even though I have a number of books and DVDs which I still haven’t read or watched.

My book collection is fairly large and I am now having trouble finding places in my bedroom where I can put my books which is greatly annoying for my parents, over the last four years I have bought seventy five books just off Amazon. I have also purchased a number of books from places like ASDA, The Works, Waterstones & WHSmith and I have been given a number of books as gifts on birthdays, for Christmas and for Eid.

My DVDs collection is much smaller but still growing and taking up space in my bedroom. I am sure that when I move out of my parents house and get a place of my own I will have to have a room especially for the books and hope that I have enough space in another room to get my DVDs in their.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Guardian Christmas quiz 2006

I have just taken The Guardian Christmas quiz 2006 and I got a score of 18 out of 25 which is not bad I am sure if I had paid more attention to things it could have been higher.

The questions I answered wrong to were:

How many Labour backbenchers rebelled against the ID cards bill?

The Met police launches an investigation into 'cash for honours' allegations after a complaint by which party?

A Sinn Féin aide accused of being a British spy is found dead in Ireland. His name was:

Tommy Sheridan, ex-leader of the Scottish Socialist party, won £200,000 damages from the News of the World, over allegations he visited swingers' clubs. One of his defences was that his accusers had not noticed he was:

In the ensuing co-ordinated TV statements, the PM and chancellor spoke to the cameras from where?

The chair of which leftwing party becomes an overnight multi-millionaire after auctioning a painting stolen from her Jewish family by the Nazis?

Tony Blair became the first serving prime minister to be interviewed by the police. The interrogation lasted?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Festive Period

I find the period between Christmas and New Years a bit weird and feel like I things happening but without real purpose or speed. As a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas so don’t have a family meal or get together as others may do my Christmases are usually spent catching up with friends and family. In the run up to Christmas I took time out to meet with friends and catch on what had been happening with them, my festive period so far has been spent watching DVDs and TV. So far this festive season I have enjoyed Calendar Girls (which I have seen before), The Vicar of Dibley and Little Britain Abroad on TV and I have managed to watch Dirty Dancing, Hitch and the second season of West Wing on DVD. I am looking forward to watching Freaky Friday, Jam & Jerusalem and Lenny Henry.TV tonight on TV as well as trying to watch Rain Man, The Best Comedy DVD in the World and Out Foxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. I doubt I’ll get through the DVDs tonight but if I manage to get through them before the end of the festive period that would be great.

I also have to find some time to go out shopping I still need to find some shoes, tops and caps to buy and given that we will be celebrating Eid on Saturday I doubt I’ll be able to get much done on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the festive period and I wish everyone the very best of luck for 2007. I do hope to blog again before then but if I don’t manage can I wish all those celebrating Eid an Eid Mubarak and a happy new year to one and all.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top-up fees petition

A new petition has been launched on the 10 Downing Street, website calling for Tony Blair to scrap university tuition fees and stop the marketisation of higher education.

The petition notes that "Since the introduction of university tuition fees, many thousands of talented young people from deprived backgrounds have not gone to university. In 2006 came the introduction of variable fees; the next stage of the marketisation of English higher education. This will invariably lead to those poorer students going to poorer universities, whilst the rich students go to rich universities. This is unfair, inequitable and unsustainable."

You can sign the petition online at:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

David Hasselhoff "Jump In My Car"

David Hasselhoff "Jump In My Car" music video great at the end

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In our right minds: what works in mental health?

A CentreForum event
6:15pm-7:45pm Tuesday 6th February
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, Westminster SW1A 2JH

Mental Health issues are coming to the fore in many areas of Government policy.

Common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, now account for more incapacity benefit claims than conditions like back pain.

The Mental Health Bill currently in Parliament is the third time in eight years the Government has sought to tighten the legislation regarding the treatment of the mentally ill.

In our right minds will debate these and other current issues related to mental health.

To reserve your place, email or call 020 7340 1160.
12 Days of Christmas re-worked Indian style

12 Days of Christmas re-worked Indian style

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life is all about asses
you're either covering it,
laughing it off,
kicking it,
kissing it,
busting it,
trying to get a piece of it,
or behaving like one .

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chile's Gen Pinochet dies at 91

Chile's former military leader Augusto Pinochet died today at the Santiago hospital where he was being treating for an earlier heart attack.

I only happen to find out about this after someone on my MSN contact list put something about it in their sign in name. This encouraged me to check the BBC news website where I read more about the story.

Friday, December 08, 2006

David Brent @ Microsoft

worth watching to end just so you can catch the song and outakes

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seasons Greetings

I received my second Christmas/Seasons Greetings Cards today which is far too early in the year for me however this early action has meant that I have made a list of people who I have to send a Seasons Greetings Card to and purchased some on the Shelter Christmas card shop.

If you still have to purchase your Christmas/Seasons Greetings Cards then I would like to encourage you to buy them from the Shelter Christmas card shop there are still nineteen card types which you can purchase. You can also purchase Personalised Charity Christmas Cards if you want to do that.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 things I would never do.....

Karen Hamilton tagged me on Thursday but since I have not had much internet access over the last couple of days I have not had a chance to post on the issue.

I thought coming up with 10 things I would never do..... would be easy but it has caused me more trouble then I thought it would but here goes.

10 Things I would never do:

• Buy a cat
• Buy a dog
• Dance in public
• get piercings
• Give up chocolate
• Give up Coca Cola
• Hunt, except to eat
• Join an army
• Stop Eating Meat
• Vote for the BNP

I would like to thank Colin Ross, Karen Hamilton and Mark Valladares their lists gave me ideas of what could be included on my list.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Fair Trade Fair

The Fair Trade Fair will take place on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th December from 12pm to 6pm at the Westminster Central Hall, in Parliament Square.

There are 65 stalls, selling an incredible range of items from the UK and all parts of the world.

Just £3 at the door. Concessions £1 and children come in for free.

Full details are on -